Automation Control Applications are Increasingly Prominent In The Injection Molding Machine Industry

Feb. 24, 2021

In recent years, the market demand of the injection molding machine industry is increasing. The huge development potential of the plastics processing industry provides development space for the rapid growth of the Injection Molding Machine Industry. From the perspective of major producing countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Canada, the proportion of Chinese injection molding machines in plastic machinery has continued to rise, with the largest proportion in plastic machinery.

At the same time, with the rapid development of markets such as automobiles, mobile phones, electronic appliances, food and beverage packaging, plastic building materials, etc., in order to meet the needs of the end market for high-quality plastic products, the supporting plastic product processors have begun to choose and automate the entire plant. Solution provider cooperation. This is also a major performance of the automation control application injection molding machine industry.

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Consider the actual requirements of the product and control the work quality of the injection molding machine

The Injection Molding Machine's management of product manufacturing and processing quality includes multiple levels, and it must run through the product manufacturing process to improve product quality. Both manual control and automatic control must strictly regulate the requirements for processing and production, especially for the ingredients of injection molding machines, but also take into account the actual situation of product requirements, local environment and climate, materials and equipment, etc., and establish a A complete set of quality and technology control systems and systems, continuously improve products and management, and achieve development goals. Quality First always puts development in the first place, and carries out technical updates and improvements to ensure the coordinated development of quality management and technology to successfully complete the goals.

Based on manual control, emphasizing the diversification of injection molding machine automatic control

The core of the injection molding machine is the controller. Through the cooperation of various electronic components and the hydraulic system, semi-automatic or fully automatic intelligent control is realized. The design of the controller in the automation control has a great influence on the quality of the product, and affects the injection molding machine's molding In automated control, effective operations must be performed in accordance with specific program design. Manual control focuses on realizing the pressure control zone of the injection molding machine, the temperature control, and the time control of the product production speed.

Fundamentally speaking, the operation of the control system is mainly done manually. Even with intelligent control, manual control process is indispensable, such as mold protection, different needs and requirements of users, and more and more personalized operations. Etc., this is based on the premise of basic automatic control, incorporating flexible manual control, which is particularly important for the program design of the electrical control system.

The finishing requirements of the injection molding machine in manual control are strict and comprehensive

Injection molding machine is a tool and device used to produce products with specific specifications in industry and machinery. It is made by various processing methods, such as common blow molding, die casting, and stretching. These are all in the manufacturing process. An important processing method is to obtain the pre-ordered materials through separation and molding methods, including machine punching and die punching, to achieve the mold requirements. Finish the mold to make the surface quality and machining accuracy of the parts meet the specification requirements. Therefore, the finishing requirements in manual control are strict and comprehensive. During the design and manufacture of injection molding machine molds, the level of mold operation and the mastery and application of various stamping processes are directly related to the final quality of the mold. Strictly follow the operating procedures to make them meet the requirements and standards. Reasonable operation control and detailed specifications are up to standards. We need to pay special attention to the production of various molds.

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