The overall development of injection molding machinery manufacturing industry

May. 27, 2021

With the development of science and technology, whether mechanical, electronic or related, the role of plastics in human life will be further enhanced. Injection molding machine into China's advantageous industrial development China's Injection Molding Machinery industry after years of entrepreneurship and development. Production enterprises are mainly located in South China and East China coastal areas, employing nearly 10,000 people, the technology level is improving rapidly, and has achieved good performance in the international and domestic markets. The main products of injection molding machine industry have an overall upward market image. Industrial output value and sales tax are growing rapidly in parallel. In general, injection molding machinery has entered the ranks of China's advantageous industrial development.

Injection Molding Machinery

Injection Molding Machinery

China injection molding machinery industry production enterprises are numerous, most enterprises seriously deviated from the backward economy and the scale of production equipment, technical progress is difficult compared to the situation is still serious. But some Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers grasp the market demand and technology development trend, through technical transformation effectively seize the market opportunities, the development of economic indicators outstanding backbone enterprises, began to embark on the economic scale sort, product sales of the top enterprises account for about twice the domestic injection molding machine sales. So far, China's injection molding machinery products are still in the mainstream, small production has been ranked first in the world for many years.

In view of the high-tech injection molding machine market advanced rubber injection molding machine, the new century polymer materials science and chemical synthesis process will continue to maintain a high rate of development, especially with the degradation of plastics technology, in order to solve environmental problems, the application areas will continue to expand. Therefore, the demand for injection molding machines in the international market will also maintain a growth trend.

China's mainstream technology products will approach the international level at a faster pace, and some products are expected to be comparable to those of Italy and Japan, but it is still difficult to reach the first position in the overall technology. Some special is the need to enter a period of rapid development of the industry of injection molding machine equipment. High-tech industries efficient injection molding machinery information, electronic components, etc. in the required ultra-compact, ultra-high density, ultra-high speed, high control of the level of injection molding machine take-off will remain the weak link in China's plastics machinery industry. Foreign advanced manufacturers in these angles will be able to enjoy the high profits of China's main market, China's injection molding machinery industry to take a detour, but also need to make great efforts.

Chinese injection molding machine products have good export market demand, is the mainstream of China's multi-level presses, is the fastest rising international and domestic market demand for the family, as long as to ensure the quality of the product, is a strong competitive edge. Domestic manufacturers of plastic machinery should take the world market as the basis to truly realize the business strategy of market globalization. The development of high technology makes plastic products gradually occupy the lost ground in this angle of the domestic market, while focusing on improving product quality and after-sales service can fully rely on the quality and price advantage of mainstream products to increase exports. The expansion of the international market should not only focus on Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other weak areas of injection molding machinery products, and be able to squeeze into North America and Western Europe and other high-tech injection molding machine production, where the price advantage of Chinese products is very significant, in recent years, Ningbo Haitian Machinery Company in the U.S. market development is a good example. Accelerating technological progress and seizing market opportunities is an unprecedented development opportunity for China's injection molding machinery industry.

This is also a healthy development of the core time of China's Injection Molding Machinery Industry, Chinese plastic machinery products and injection molding machinery manufacturing enterprises must be effective product structure and industrial structure adjustment through market competition, the winners and the losers. In the early twenty-first century China's injection molding machine manufacturing industry will objectively position the overall market in the secondary technology product quality compared to. The few advanced enterprises that can develop and produce high-tech injection molding machines will stand out. We also hope that China's injection molding machine manufacturing industry will flourish in the whole industry, expand the international market area and greatly increase the share of products in the international market.

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