Performance Evaluation And Method Of Injection Molding Machine

Jul. 16, 2020

Anyone who can adjust the machine knows the five elements of injection molding, but on whom are these five elements built? The most important thing is the injection molding machine. Of course, there are also some auxiliary equipment (such as mold temperature controller, temperature control box, etc.) to help complete it. How much can you know about the performance of the injection molding machine you debug? For example, for a product, under the same conditions as the raw material mold, the injection molding machine A can be debugged, but the injection molding machine B cannot be debugged. What is the reason? Maybe some technicians only know that machine B is not working. Have you ever thought about finding the root cause to solve this problem? So to help you find this reason, it is the key point of my injection molding Injection Machine Manufacturer's article to share with you, dry goods, I hope you like it.

In injection molding, only one person has rich experience, no one can do everything, understand all products, and new problems constantly appear in production. Technicians must continue to analyze and solve problems. The following Injection Molding Machine Supplier tells you How to evaluate the injection molding machine.

Every Injection Molding Press has the performance of each injection molding machine, and the new injection molding machine just left the factory is the same, but the difference can be ignored, especially some old injection molding machines, some used injection molding machines bought back, you do not know that others have repaired it. Where is the reason why every technician can’t get started quickly when he arrives at a new company. The performance of the equipment can only be mastered through constant exploration. Then we will now evaluate the performance of the injection molding machine and make a resume. Every technician It can be seen that it can also improve the efficiency of tuning.

1. The temperature is very simple. Everyone knows that the temperature is visible in the injection molding machine. In the current injection molding machine, there are set temperature and actual temperature. The deviation of temperature can be seen at a glance, and of course there is also a broken temperature sensor. Yes, we can see the temperature level from the flow properties of the glue through the state of the glue. I will not introduce them one by one here. The main ones are the following.



2. The injection pressure is invisible to the older injection molding machine. There is only a general pressure gauge. Some technicians do not look at this pressure gauge. When you adjust the injection pressure from 50 to 90, the product does not change. Don't doubt that the injection pressure linearity of this injection molding machine is wrong? There are several methods for this. I will introduce here to use the shooting table to test the pressure. First, adjust the shooting table back to the end, set the shooting table back speed to 50% of the maximum shooting speed, and the shooting table back pressure from 10 Or start at 140 (some injection molding machines limit the maximum speed and pressure of the injection station at the factory, this needs to be adjusted in the parameters), the order does not matter, press and hold the injection station to retract until the pressure can be read on the pressure gauge, 10. 20 .30 ......140 Set the pressure in sequence like this, record the reading corresponding to each pressure on the table (attached below), it should be in an increasing or decreasing state. (Here is something I encountered. I was in a company before, and the injection speed of an injection molding machine was the same from 10 to 40. This is the A injection molding machine mentioned above, and the B injection molding machine. The reason why the debugging can't come out, of course, is not the only one.)

3. The injection speed is invisible on the injection molding machine. Just like the example above, the speed from 10 to 40 is the same. The technician can't adjust the product. We can calculate the speed through the evaluation. The injection pressure is adjusted to 50% of the total pressure, and the storage position is 60%-70% of the total storage position. Here is empty injection, no storage is required. The time is set 1-2 seconds according to the tonnage of the injection molding machine, and then loosened The exit setting is the same as normal production, the injection speed starts from 10, long press the injection button, read out the data corresponding to the injection speed from 10. 20. 30...140, and record it on the table.

4. Backflow Everyone knows that this is the focus of the adjustment of the machine. If there is a problem with the counterflow, the product will be unsaturated, the product density will not meet the requirements, the product with high deformation requirements cannot be transferred, the product weight will be unstable, and many other problems . We first find a copper block or aluminum block, set the injection time to 30 seconds, the injection pressure is 50% of the total pressure, the speed is 50% of the total speed, and the storage is 70%-80% of the total storage. When the material is full, use the nozzle to hold the copper block or aluminum block, as long as there is no leakage, press and hold the injection button until the end position of the injection is recorded once at 15 seconds, once at 25 seconds, and tested twice, and recorded to the table on.

5. Parallelism Clamping Force If an injection molding machine moves the template and the fixed template is not parallel, then the product may be flashed while the exhaust is poor. Then we need to adjust the template. There are many adjustment methods. In the machine repair center in the factory, the technicians only need to find the reason and tell them the problem. First, we need to use the rod-meter type of the hundred-point watchband, next to the 4 Corinthian pillars, and measure the data for comparison. I know how to adjust the parallelism, and the other is to measure the clamping force. Here, a clamping force tester is used. This depends on the company's needs (about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan), and it can generate the tensile force or tension of the Collin column , Adjusted together with the parallelism, this will not be introduced.

6. Record all the above data on the table. The table below I have a function formula, which can automatically get the grade of the injection molding machine. Even if the grade cannot be obtained, make it into a resume of the injection molding machine. Once there is such a group The data can be used to see the performance of the injection molding machine. For equipment maintenance or adjustment of the internal function parameters of the injection molding machine, it is still very efficient for us to adjust the machine and avoid detours.

Today, I will share this article with you. Is it helpful to you? Have you evaluated the injection molding machine in this way before, or has a better method than this, please contact us.

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